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  • Did you hear that Bali is nice destination? Do not believe it because Bali is the magnificent destination! Bali is one of the most beautiful country in the whole world thanks to the balinese hospitality and island beauty.

    Martin Waller, Writer and Lawyer
  • The people of Bali worship their Gods with the joy in their hearts. You can see a temple at each remove. Gods protect and love their people of Bali!

    Cita Roman, Chief Editor and Publicist
  • I have never ever met such a happy and smiling people. The happy and smiling Balinese.

    Julie Wimmer, Interior Designer
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Bali Facts

Business Hours

Business offices are open either from 08:00 to 16:00  or 09:00  to 17:00 p.m. with a break for lunch between 12:00 noon to 13:00. Some offices work half days on Saturday, but quite a few are closed. Supermarkets, department stores and shops – like similar businesses around the globe maintain long opening hours for their customer’s benefit. Museums are closed on Mondays.

Money changers

Longer hours are kept by some bank branches in hotels. Cash can also be altered at hotel cashiers, and auhorized money changers. Daily exchange rates are published in papers

Charge cards are satisfactory at all major resorts, department stores, restaurants and travel agencies, and at many smaller dealers across the island. The US dollar, Australian dollar, UK pound, German mark and Japanese yen will be the most readily recognized currencies.

Electrical Current

Electrical current in Bali is 220 volts at 50 cycles. Purchase an international adapter or ask your resort to give one to you.

Health in Bali

Bali has a several well equipped hospitals providing outpatient and crisis services. Additionally, there are several very modern and efficient medical service centers on the island which were established to cater to the needs of foreign visitors.

Health services are not free in Indonesia and it is therefore recommended that visitors buy travel insurance.

Passport and Visa

Please check the most recent visa conditions by contacting the Embassy / Consulate in your country of origin before commencing your vacation.

Religious Services

Most major relligions are represented in Bali with Catholic and Protestant denominations providing English language services.

Scuba Diving

Bali has a number of excelent diving and snorkeling places – many of them offering world-class explorations below sea level.


Prohibitions on smokig in public areas are still very rare.


Resorts offer international direct dialing, facsimille and, often, Internet connections. Bali has several mobile telephone servers that, depending on agrements in place with your home service supplier, should provide roaming suport for your own hand mobile brought from home.


Most leading resorts and some restaurants include a 10% service charge in your statement. No additional gratuity is required or expected, when this is the instance.


Tap water is generally NOT potable in Indonesia. Bottled drinks including a broad range of bottled mineral waters are readily accessible.

Bali Weather

As an outcome, weather is generally calm for most of the year. Bali is spared a season and rains, when they do come, typically last only several hours, lowering the temperatures somewhat and making for greener scenery all around. Bali’s tropical weather means that travel at any time of the year is appropriate.

Bali Accommodation

Bali accommodation offers superb value, specially in case you are travelling on a budget. To ensure you receive the best value for money, book ahaed.

Traffic in Bali

Getting about in Bali can be somewhat an experience, to say the least! Road rules are nonexisttent and traffic can be downright dangerous.

Swimming in Bali

Always swim between the red and yellow marker flags in the beaches. The areas between the flags are patrolled by surf lifesavers. As the positioning of the flags especially identifies safe patrolled sections of the shore, swimming outside the flags is a foolish risk.

First Aid Kit

A first aid kit is vital and even the most fundamental kit may prove invaluable of you or one of your party has a fall, gets cut or scrattched or is involved in an accident. Have a look within our section ontravel health for more info.

Dress Standards

Balinese are typically small in their own ways of dress and believe that the most basic indication of respect to another is proper attire.


Learn the art of negotiating–it is essential when buying from markets, gift shops, and also when finding accommodation. And while we’re on the subject of bartering, it’s perfectly adequate to barter in the neighborhood markets and stalls, but don’t try it within the larger department stores – the sales assistant could possibly be quite offended.

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