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  • Did you hear that Bali is nice destination? Do not believe it because Bali is the magnificent destination! Bali is one of the most beautiful country in the whole world thanks to the balinese hospitality and island beauty.

    Martin Waller, Writer and Lawyer
  • The people of Bali worship their Gods with the joy in their hearts. You can see a temple at each remove. Gods protect and love their people of Bali!

    Cita Roman, Chief Editor and Publicist
  • I have never ever met such a happy and smiling people. The happy and smiling Balinese.

    Julie Wimmer, Interior Designer
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Fly Garuda Indonesia

Fly Garuda Indonesia

Fly Garuda Indonesia


Fly Garuda Indonesia is the national airline of Indonesia and now runs as a fullservice network carrier serving 33 domestic cities within Indonesia and 26 international cities throughout South East Asia, Australia, the Middle East and Europe.

A caring smile leads the way on company Garuda Indonesia

From its humble beginnings in 1948, Garuda Indonesia has transformed into Indonesia’s top carrier and continues to fly ever higher. In 2010 Garuda Indonesia started its new service concept – the Garuda Indonesia Experience; a concept which aims to deliver genuine Indonesian hospitality for all passengers.

Garuda Indonesia

Garuda Indonesia’s inflight service is on a level with the world’s best airlines and originated in response to research into passenger preferences on particular routes. Thus every Garuda Indonesia flight, whatever its destination (European, Southwest Pacific, Asian, etc.), provides its pasengers with the very best in-flight enttertainment, menus and reading materials to satisfy its international clientele along with the ethnic and culinary preferences of passengers normally flying the path.

Garuda Indonesia makes check-in easy

This removes the need to arrive early at the airport to wait inside the queue at the check-in line.

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