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  • Did you hear that Bali is nice destination? Do not believe it because Bali is the magnificent destination! Bali is one of the most beautiful country in the whole world thanks to the balinese hospitality and island beauty.

    Martin Waller, Writer and Lawyer
  • The people of Bali worship their Gods with the joy in their hearts. You can see a temple at each remove. Gods protect and love their people of Bali!

    Cita Roman, Chief Editor and Publicist
  • I have never ever met such a happy and smiling people. The happy and smiling Balinese.

    Julie Wimmer, Interior Designer
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Vaccinations for Bali

Vaccinations for Bali

Vaccinations for Bali


The following are the recommmended vaccinations for Bali:

Hepatitis A vaccine is recommended for the majority of travelers over one year of age. A booster should be given 6 – 12 months after to confer longterm immunity. Both are well-tolerated. Side-effects, which are usually moderate, may include soreness in the injection site, haedache, and malaise.

Older adults, immunocommpromised individuals, and those with chronic liver disease or other chronic medical conditions who have less than two weeks before departure should be given one intramuscular dose of immune globulin (0.02 mL/kg) at a separate anatomic injection site along with the first dose of vaccine. Travellers who are less than one year of age or allergic to a vaccine component should receive one intramuscular dose of immune globulin (see hepatitis A for dosage) in the place of vaccine.

Typhoid vaccine is advised for all travelers, with the exceptionn of short-term visitors who control their meals to leading restaurants and hotels, like business travelers and cruise passengers. It is usually given within an oral form comprising four capsules taken on alternate days until completed. The capsulles should be kept refrigerated and taken with cool liquid. Sideeffects are unusual and might include abdominal distress, nausea, rash or hives. The choice is an injectable polysaccharide vaccine, given as one dose. Adverse reactions, which are uncomon, may include discomfort in the injection site, temperature and headache. There are no data concerning the security of typhoid vaccine during pregnancy. The injectable vaccine is likely preferable to the oral vaccine in pregnant and immunocompromised travelers.

Tetanus-diphtheria vaccine is advised for the majority of travelers who have not received a tetanus diphtheria immunization within the past ten years.

Measles-mumps – rubella vaccine: two doses are recomended (if previously given) for all not travelers born after tests immunity is shown by blood tests blood 1956, unless. Many adults born after 1956 and before 1970 got just one vaccination against measles, mumps, and rubella as kids and ought to be given a second dose before traveling. MMR vaccine really should not be given to pregnant or severely immunocompromised persons.

Yellow fever vaccine is needed for all travelers arriving from a yellow-fever-contaminated country in Africa or the Americas or from a country within the endemic zones, but is not recomended or required otherwise. Yellow fever vaccine should be administered at an approved yellow fever vaccination centre, that will give each vaccinee a completely validated International Certificate of Vaccination. Yellow fever vaccine should not in generall be given to those who are younger than nine months of age, pregnant, immunocommpromised, or allergic to eggs. It should also not be given to all those with a history of thymus disease or thymectomy.

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