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Bali Tourist Attractions

Bali Tourist Attractions

Bali Tourist Attractions


Bali is among famous tourist attractions in the world. Bali is a beautiful island with native culture continue to be powerful. You’ll locate many uniqueness in this island including temples or historical buildings, traditional Hindu ceremonies, traditional dances and many beautiful panorama that will spoil your eyes. Many incredible sights that you are able to love in Bali. Ethnic diversity and natural scenery to the island is quite interesting. Besides beaches, Bali also has several attractions like caverns, mountains, temples and even more.

Some the main tourist attractions in Bali you may see:

Nusa Dua Bali

It is found in Badung Regency and about 20 minutes drive from Bali’s International airport. Nusa Dua with 360 ha size is the sample luxurious resort region and one of greatest attractions in the world. This area has got the most complete tourism services in Bali and Indonesia like five star accommodations, luxurious accommodations, villas, convention hall, mall and beautiful beaches. There are also the sporting activities are available in this are like tennis court, squash and golf course. Each resort is finished by five star restaurant facilities, bars, pubs and beach activities. Nusa Dua is a great location for holiday in Bali.


View from Pura Luhur Uluwatu became popular attractions in Bali because vacationers can find natural beauty, tranquility, and variety shows. For fans of surfing, visit Uluwatu might be right choice while on holiday. The beaches within this place is renowned for challenging the waves. the world are comfortable with this particular place as a place that hfor a beach with perfect waves.

Tanah Lot

Tanah LotTanah Lot Temple appears to have become an icon of the island and is the most renowned temple in Bali. The singularity of this temple is its place in the centre of the ocean, or so the sea was high tide if you can’t close, but once the low tide you’ll be able to cross and saw one of the singularity of this temple is guarded by two black and white snake who daily appear accompanied by the stakeholders. This temple is quite famous among tourist destinations in Bali with breathtaking view of sunset. At some noks of coral reef around Tanah Lot Temple there are holy tame snake in black and white colour where according to the local society think that it being a deity house and because the safeguard of the temple in the bad influence. As a favorite tourist attractions in Bali, Tanah Lot possesses a brilliant view in particular in the time where the sun slows to the world belly. Every visitor who’s paying a visit to this place is going to be marveled to see the beauty panorama of Tanah Lot. Beside of this temple, there are several other temples which is often seen on your visit to Tanah Lot like Enjung Galuh Templ,  Batumejan Temple  and Batu Bolong Temple.


Ubud traditional buildingUbud a town that offers a different beauty of Bali. There’s no music in the bar, bikini, and drunken tourists. Consequently, Ubud is also called the cultural hub of Bali. Tranquility, culture, and natural landscapes against the rice fields of Bali is a better value Ubud. Feeling of a traditional village with a bird’s eye view of green paddy become the other side of the beautiful panorama of Bali. Here, tourists can see the Puri Kehen, Mount Kawi, Goa Gajah (a cavern), Yeh Pulu, Pura Saren Agung and Tirta Empul. Goa Gajah be one exciting destinations that can be visited by tourists. Goa Gajah even nomminated as a UNESCO world heritage site.


Seminyak BeachWant to enjoy a much more luxury? Seminyak will eventually be a city for your holiday in Bali. Traditional ambiance and modern luxury package was presented in Seminyak. Within this elite place, travellers can nevertheless find the setting of the seashore. Seminyak Beach and Petitenget became property to enjoy the feeling with a bird’s eye view of the ocean.


Driving northeast from Denpasar, stone figures in the roadside mark the hamlet of Batubulan. Workshop could be visited to watch artists at work.

Terraced rice paddies

Whether it’s bright and sunny or wet and gloomy, the excursion through the vista of terraced rice paddies between Amlapura and Candidasa is one of amazing scenic beauty. Allow lots of time for photo stops.

Tanjung Benoa

Tanjung Benoa Area in Tanjung Benoa Beach has calm waters therefore many watersport activities besides surfing. Watersport actvities that will challenge you in Tanjung Benoa, including snorkeling and diving, jet-ski, banana boat, flying fish and parasailing. Each sport is constantly supervised by an instructor who’ll direct you. The most favorite game within this place is the flying fish.


GWK – Statue of the god Vishnu has a peak of 20 meters. At GWK, guests can enjoy views of the sunrise and sunset. GWK is additionally equipped with a screen area for theatrical dance performance (depending on show schedule). Facing the entry gate, greeted by music that accompanies two Balinese dancers welcome visitors. In the GWK there are shops, food stalls and factory outlet. Statue of the god Vishnu, was assembled and carved by renowned sculptor named Nyoman Nuarta.

Sukawati market

Sukawati art marketSukawati art market is a market that is very celebrated to all corners of the whole world. Sukawati art market located in the village of Sukawati Gianyar regency. Distance of around 30 kilometers Denpasar airport, you can go by auto for 40 minutes. Sukawati art market is very well known for selling clothes and crafts traditional Balinese with a very low price. Clothes including Batik Batik distinctively Balinese decorations.

Jimbaran Beach

Sunset at Jimbaran beachBetter you visit the Jimbaran beach at night. During the night the cafes that line the border of the beach is bustling with activity. Here may also eat typical sea food, here too there are fish center. Jimbaran is a romantic beach, really apropriate for you to your spouse or family for dinner while looking at the beach illuminated by torch lights. You ought not miss this spot.

Sanur beach

Sanur beachSanur beach is just a famous tourist place within the island of Bali. This area is situated just east of Denpasar. Notably the beach in Sanur is renowned among international tourists. Not far-off Sanur Beach there’s also diving and snorkeling places. The place of the submarines can be used by divers of all levels of experience, because of his state were favorable. In the place of Kuta Beach Sanur Beach is also called Dawn beach.

Tampak Siring

Tampak SiringTampak Siring is just a title of the village in Gianyar regency. Siring also possess another title that many people understand that Tirta Empul. Tirta Empul visited by many tourists, both foreign and domestic visitors and is is the name of the temple located in the village temple Siring.

Pura Besakih

Across the three main temples devoted to the Trinity: Shiva, Brahma and Wisnu, are 18 separate sanctuaries belonging to different regencies and caste groups.

To the Balinese, a visit to the sanctuaries is a special pilgrimage. Each has its anniversary celebration or “Odalan”. The sight of the temple from the backdrop of the mountain is notable and during festivals, coloured banners add some gaiety.


Bedugul is situated in Baturiti Tabanan Bali. The distance is about 60 miles or about  1-hour 10 minutes from Ngurah Rai International Airport and 39 kilometers from town of Singaraja. Bedugul offers natural scenic beauty of the lake and mountains.


Kintamani is a district situated in Bangli regency. Kintammani providing views of the hills with fresh air and temperatures ranging from 17 degrees Celsius, the exact same temperature as the air in Bedugul tourist region. The main thing which makes the attraction of this tourist area is the view of Mount Batur and Lake Batur. The mountain continues to be active and the next highest mountain after Mount Agung at Besakih area.

Lovina Beach

Lovina beachLovina Beach including tourism in North Bali. Lovina area is really famous for its performances of wild dolphins within the sea. On the seashore there are hundreds of dolphins. You need to go to sea before sunrise, to be able to see the dolphins in activity.

Bajra Sandhi Museum

Bajra Sandhi museumBajra Sandhi Balinese People Fight Museum found within the national authorities of Bali in Renon, Denpasar. Since it is better known museums battle together with the name of Bajra Sandhi Renon Museum. As the title implies, the museum was inaugurated in 2003, is mostly presents the history of Balinese challenge against the invaders. But he additionally tells the history of Bali in the stone age to the ’70s. Therefore, this museum a mustsee if you want to know Bali before venturing deeper into the island.

Bali Bird Park

Bali Bird Park is located by the village of Singapadu. Is one of the biggest bird park in Indonesia. Built on an area of 2 hectares, this park has various collections of birds. The bird park is just one of the favorite attractions for visitors who holiday in Bali with kids and family. This region is renowned for an exceptionally unusual bird that existence Bali Starling.

Bali Safari Marine Park

Bali Safari Marine ParkIs 1 of the 3 garden creatures in Indonesia. Provide a venue for wildlife in its natural habitat, that is built using a combination of Balinese culture. There are various types of rare creatures came from three states, namely India, Indonesia and Africa.

New Kuta Green Park Pecatu

If you need to invite youngsters to get a holiday in the island of gods New Kuta Green Park PecatuNew rides for water diversion is very acceptable. These attractions offer colour plus a brand new choice for family recreation during the holidays in Bali to your kids. Have a number of facilities and a notion, which formerly have not been there in Bali.


Once the funds of one of Bali’s more powerful kingdoms, the city of Gianyar is now a center of the textile industry. The speciality here’s the ikat weaving the Balinese use in traditional wear. A handful of factories hold everyday tours.

Dreamland Beach

Dreamland BeachDreamland Bali is located within the hills Unggasan, one trail to Garuda Wisnu Kencana (GWK). As soon as you go through the base Dreamland beach quite remote, and ought to ask the neighborhood folks there.

Pura Kehen

Pura Kehen is the religious center of Bangli’s many temples. One of the greatest religious complexes in Bali, its sources might be traced back to the beginning of the eleventh century. The first courtyard is shaded by a huge banyan tree.


Kuta is now converted into a very busy place. Bars, clubs, souvenir stores, malls and automobiles filed the streets in Kuta. As if she never slept, Kuta, become metropollitan city of Bali. Has a length of about 6 kilometers. Kuta is presently a thriving tourist resort, popular primarily among the young. This is a favorite beach for surfing although currents make it less appropriate for swimming. Coast guards, however, are on continuous duty through the day. Kuta faces toward the west offering wonderful sunsets. There are several lodging options, restaurants, and entertainment. Lodging in Kuta including as straightforward as staying home together with the rate of hundreds of thousands a night around a five star international resorts costing several million to tens of millions overnight. The village abounds with restaurants, shops, discotheques and other tourist amenities. It is simpler to find regular performances of Balinese music and dance in Kuta, staged specially for tourists, than somewhere else in Bali. The village is ideal for meeting and mixing with several other folks, locals as well as visitors from abroad.

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