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  • I have never ever met such a happy and smiling people. The happy and smiling Balinese.

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Best places to stay in Bali

Best Places to Stay in Bali

Best Places to Stay in Bali


Nusa Dua, Tanjung Benoa

Bali’s southern peninsula is where you find now most of the island’s international 4- and 5-star Bali Hotels and Resorts – set in Nusa Dua’s manicured and not quite Balinese garden enviroment. Nice beach with shallow water, no high waves. A myriad of water sports and golf course. Nusa Dua Galleria center with a variety of fairly expensive restaurants, stores, and department stores. Some more moderately priced restaurants can be found in adjoining Tanjung Benoa and Bualu village.

Nusa Dua is a closed area withhotels and villas. It truly is clean and safe (Bali is secure in general). Not many local people reside there. A lot of people are tourists who want to enjoy Bali by relaxing in the beach or next to the pool. Accomodations are extremely good, but you pay the price for your security and cleanliness. These activities might be really funny. There are several bars, but not many. Nusa Dua is the location to stay if you are not so experience oriented, and if you simply want to enjoy simple holidays by enjoying the water and beach activities. They can be actually constructing an area rather similar next to nusa Dua called Mulia resort. It’s a tremendous area with villa and hotels on the shore. We merely want to say that Geger beach was actually a great beach before this job; still wild, and we hope that they will conserve a little of this natural quality there.

An increasing amount of private villas is being built around the Bukit, the hill South of the airport. A lot of these offer spectacular vistas of the ocean, Kuta, Denpasar, Sanur and Bali’s mountains. The climate is much more dry and much cooler – even if it rains in most parts of Bali you’ll be able to expect sunny days here.

West Bukit

Full of fantastic secret places, and surf spots. More wild, the Bukit is the place for those beaches and surf fans. Padang-Padang, Balangan, Uluwatu, Bali Cliff, and Bingin are actually the top places for surfing and chilling out. It’s quiet and delightful. We guide you to see a sunset in Uluwatu while drinking a beer and watching the last surfers catching huge waves. Should you be a beginner, please avoid until you feel assured. These spots are dangerous. PadangPadang is a great place where it’s possible to swim easily cause the wave doesn’t reach the shore plus it’s appears extremely good. For accomodations you’ll be able to find good place right on the spots, but it could be a little expansive occasionally. In the event you spend the required time to discover an excellent house stay just a little bit further, you can find great spot to stay with a swimming pool – all the things that you need for a really fair cost. DreamLand is somewhat different. It’s a closed area with villas and hotel.

Jimbaran Beach

Probably Bali’s finest beach with adequate hotels and accommodation: almost white sand, waves not too high for swimming, wind surfing, and sailing (no motorized water sports activities); not a lot of tourists, and no beach vendors (yet). A few up-market hotels and resorts, plus a fast growing amount of unpretentious but great seafood restaurants right on the water front. Highly recommended for seeing Bali’s famous sunsets. Located just a few 2 km south of the airport.


Kuta is never sleeping, probably you neither. It’s filled with bars, clubs, restaurant, hotels, spa and stores. You can choose your stay contingent on your financial plan. From 10 USD/night you can discover your dream stay. The most economical places could have a pool, but no AC in your room. If your are really looking for a quiet location nonetheless, only avoid staying in Kuta. During the day, Kuta can be crowed, also it’s becoming worse during the night. Many young foreigners and in addition Indonesians begin to invade the roads, most notably Jalan Legian, and is jammed by motorbikes, automobiles and taxis a lot of the time. You may get stuck in a traffic jam for an hour or more. Kuta also has some graceful small streets called “gangs” winding through a labyrinth of stores-restaurants-bars-hotels. The Kuta beach is really a element of the long strip of beach that connects until Canggu. In addition, you will meet on the shore many locals that can propose to you a massage, pedicure, hair dressing, tats,… you name it. Even though it may be sometimes somewhat oppressive. Kuta is a great place for people who need to take advantage of the crazy night life and love surfing in the morning to fight off their hangover.

Kuta Beach, Legian Beach

Crowded beach (many sellers, masseuses, beach boys, etc, high waves, powerful currents) lined by numerous hotels and resorts, largely in the 2- to 4-star types. Daily traffic jams and many, occasionally quite insistent hawkers have made this fairly unpleasant and really untypical part of Bali a nightmare for a lot of visitors. If you are looking for action, thrill, or just for a night out, but surely not for a family holiday or romantic honeymoon recommended.

Seminyak, Batubelig, Tanah Lot

Until lately this used to be a quite rural, largely residential area, stretching a few miles north from Legian. Okay, off-white, sandy beach with powerful waves and some strong curents, and getting less crowded the further you move to the North. Fast improving number of hotels and villas, great but reasonably priced restaurants and Bali’s most interesting pubs and discos in addition to shops selling antiques, decorative items, casual wear, furniture and handicrafts.

For hotels there are lots of affordable places with swimming pools, AC, and all the normal, “western” amenities. Double Six beach is a great place to be. It is really easy to Surf, and a perfect place for a beer for the sunset. Swimming might be great if the waves aren’t too large. The “beach boys”, who have small spots set up across the beach to sell you drinks or rent you a surfboards, are really nice and certainly will keep a watch out for your bags. Recommended for visitors who wish to be somewhat away from the tourist crowds but value easy access to the shops and restaurants of Seminyak, Legian, and Kuta. Accessibility to other sections of the island is equally good when you don’t have to pass through crowded Kuta. Between Seminyak and Batubelig, as well as in the wonderful, still rural area stretching further North to Canggu and up to Tanah Lot you’ll also find some of Bali’s most attractive vacation villas.

Sanur Beach

This is the place where you had find 25 years ago all of Bali’s international standard resorts even though the beach was never remarkable. Today the beach has further deteriorated, and Sanur has become fairly quiet compared to Kuta and Nusa Dua but is still popular with some foreign residents and old-time visitors.


The town of Ubud is to Bali what Jogyakarta is to Java – culturally speaking. Due to its location at the foundation of the mountains (about 19 miles or 30 kilometers north of Denpasar) temperatures are somewhat lower than in the lowlands, and yearround rain showers help grow lush tropical vegetation. The town itself has developed quickly during the previous decade, and now the main roads are lined with handicraft, art shops and souvenir shops, as well as many restaurants and cafes. Until late afternoon tourist collectives and other dayvisitors are roaming shops and eateries. After sunset, Ubud becomes more quiet. Lodging ranges from very affordable, very basic “losmens”, fairly expensive but equally basic “losmens”, to some of Bali’s best-known & most expensive boutique hotels and wonderful private villas. Most of all these are located in Sayan a couple of miles away overlooking the picturesque Ayung river valley. Ubud is the area for arts, culture and spirituality. A lot of shops and schools for arts. Some people love Ubud for your culture along with the fantastic scenery. Located within the north east of Denpasar, Ubud has many wonderful sites to love rice field views, paintings, scuptures, Balinese dancing and much more. Temples and rivers makes Ubud unique. Many people come to Ubud to enjoy a religious journey with yoga, meditation, eat, pray and love. Accomodation there can be really inexpensive and well found.

Candi Dasa, Amed, Lovina

These tourist facilities in the East and North of Bali have become popular meeting locations for all those visitors wanting to get away from the tourists. Both offer a number of generally quite straightforward but decent hotels and restaurants. Beaches around CandiDasa, though, have kind of disappeared during the last decade after most coral reefs in the region were ruined, and many visitors do not like the black sand covering most beaches within the North of Bali.


Canggu counts many new, fantastic villas among the rice fields. Some of those Villas are truly outstanding. Canggu is nicely situated. It isn’t too far from the rice field at the same time, and not far in the crazy nightlife of Kuta to offer a secluded experience of the Bali from before. You can readily escape to the north of Bali, along with the shore is a great place for surfing, although you have a bit experienced as there’s a reef to compete and stronger swells. Not to mention the comppetition is getting a bit stiff especially with different surf schools showing up on a daily basis. It’s a bit too Packed during the high season, but still a must see. In Canggu you will find good, relaxing spas. Canggu is also a good spot to rent a bike to go straight to the north of Bali through the mountains. Canggu offers many amazing things to do.

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