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  • Did you hear that Bali is nice destination? Do not believe it because Bali is the magnificent destination! Bali is one of the most beautiful country in the whole world thanks to the balinese hospitality and island beauty.

    Martin Waller, Writer and Lawyer
  • The people of Bali worship their Gods with the joy in their hearts. You can see a temple at each remove. Gods protect and love their people of Bali!

    Cita Roman, Chief Editor and Publicist
  • I have never ever met such a happy and smiling people. The happy and smiling Balinese.

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Best time to visit Bali

Best Time to Visit Bali

Best Time to Visit Bali


Finding the top time to go to Bali boils down to your personal taste, some things to think about may be the elements, your budget, peak and off peak times and activities, festivals.


Bali is really a tropical destination and so happily never gets too cold, with average temperatures around 30-31 degrees Celsius through the entire year. The main seasonal diference in the weather is between the dry season as well as the wet season.

The Wet Season (November – April)

The wet season is, in addition, considered the summer period and as a result is generally hotter and more humid than the dry season. On an average day in the rainy season you may awake to a hot humid day with sun and by the afternoon get a torrential downpour of rain. This may not be considered as terrible as you believe as from the time the rain comes at could be considered a welcome relief from the hot temperature of the morning.

Over a whole most folks going to Bali are not phased about the rain within the wet season since most activities, including swimming in the beach can be done within the rain – (just without the sunbathing).

The dry season (May – October)

The dry season isn’t surprisingly typically the most popular time to visit Bali as the sun is out, the ocean is calm and there is no rain available – which makes it the typical tropical vacation. There is of course a negative to this, everyone wishes to go with this time so that it drives up costs and makes everywhere more crowded, which could satisfy some more than many others.

Heading to Bali during the dry season offers you reassurance which you can pretty much do what you want to do while you’re there and you don’t need to be concerned about the rain dictating your activities. The dry season can be, a bit cooler and less humid compared to the rainy season, making the most idealic and experiencing weather you can imagine.

Weather in the mountains (Ubud)

The current weather in the Bali Mountains (Ubud region) is obviously a bit cooler in relation to the remainder of Bali ranging between 21 degrees . Degrees Celsius and 27. So if you prefer a cooler vacation in Bali this is actually the spot to really go, you can usually do ventures to the shore for your own dose of sun and also come back to the cool climate within the mountains.

The Bali mountains receive more rainfal than the remainder of Bali so if you’re in the mountains during the rainy season expect much more rain.

Peak Times

July and August are the most famous times to see Bali, this also coincides with the school holidays in Australia – meaning it’s always occupied in Bali for this time of the year. This implies accommodation and flights will cost a lot more to you.

Christmas and New Year’s Eve is also a well known and thus peak time to go to Bali.

Off Peak Times

Times could be the way to go if you want cheap flights and resort deals then going in the peak. This generally means going through the raining season and in addition outside Australian school holiday periods.

To really have the cheapest deals make certain you book in advance, in case you leave it until the final minute it is still possible the get great cheap deals however, your best bet would be to book beforehand, that’s where the best deals can be located.

Perfect time for browsing

Surfing can be done in Bali through the entire year nonetheless contingent upon whenever you go there will be better locations to surf over these intervals. The ideal spot to go surfing during April to October is the west shore and East Coast is much better from November to March.

The dry period is the time to surf as most folks prefer surfing when the sun is going rather than in the rain. The drawback to that is it does mean it is the most busy time and consequently you’re going to need to contend for your waves.

Peak Travel Months and Off-season

Christmas and New Year’s also feature major increases in tourist visitors. In contrast, visitors will encounter far less crowds throughout the extended offseason interval between October and Could.

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