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  • Did you hear that Bali is nice destination? Do not believe it because Bali is the magnificent destination! Bali is one of the most beautiful country in the whole world thanks to the balinese hospitality and island beauty.

    Martin Waller, Writer and Lawyer
  • The people of Bali worship their Gods with the joy in their hearts. You can see a temple at each remove. Gods protect and love their people of Bali!

    Cita Roman, Chief Editor and Publicist
  • I have never ever met such a happy and smiling people. The happy and smiling Balinese.

    Julie Wimmer, Interior Designer
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Bali Honeymoon Packages

Bali Wedding Packages

Bali Wedding Packages


Looking for a tropical get away where you can make your honeymoon dollars go far? Then Bali is the perfect place to begin searching. It is here where you are able to enjoy luxury resorts, pristine beaches, top notch spa treatments, and luxury cuisine for a portion of the cost of other popular honeymoon destinnations. If that sounds good to you, keep reading, as we have compllied a list of some of the finest Bali honeymoon resorts, along with some suggestions and advice getting the absolute most bang for you buck.

Planning and Researching

More times than not, your honeymoon will be one of a small number of vacations where you truly indulge yourself in things like high end resorts, messages on the beach, and ather luxury items. Be thatt as it may, it pays to do some extra research when planning your honeymoon.

One of the best ways to really make your honey budget go far is to look for special honeymoon packages. Lots of the hotels and resorts will offer some form of honeymoon special. Sometimes these deals are simply overpriced rubbish like paying $100 extra for rose petals and wine. But, other times you’ll be able to find bundle upgrades that contain things like a private dinner in the beach, couples message, braekfast in bed, and other romantic activities. It is definitely worth looking in these types of packages.

Normally, the hotels will have these sorts of packages listed on the website, but in case you find a resort you like that doesn’t offer them, don’t worry. Hotels frequently have deals that aren’t listed on their site. So call the hotel to see if they have got any honeymoon deals or packages. These types of packages are usualy found in smaller resorts and bed-and-breakfast type places, along with the larger chain resorts.

Maintain your budget in mind, When selecting whether to have a villa, hotel and resort or beach wedding. They vary quite significantly in cost, while each of these site options will make an extremely memorable wedding day. Beach weddings are normally cheaper than hotel or resort weddings and villa weddings prove to be absolutely the most expensive, as every facet of the wedding day must be sourced individually PLUS the price of hiring out the vila, with most adding on event hire fee charges.

Do not dismiss the cost of having a Bali wedding. The cost of the majority of things is fairly reasonable and even cheaper than Australia. However, things such as food and drink and particularly alcohol is quite pricey.
Holding a hotel or resort wedding prove to be the absolute most suitable wedding venues. This way you can have the service along with the reception at the one vennue. Every detail can be organized through the places personal wedding planner.

Please understand the Indonesian Catholic Church will not marry you outside the Church, If you’re catholic and planning on a spiritual catholic ceremony. This ensures that you will have to marry inside one of their Churches before proceeding to your site to do a commitment ceremony or reception. Alternatively, you can marry in your private Church before heading over to Bali. Every other Christian relligion can offer you an ‘outside’ ceremony by a priest of that faith.

Be sure to prepare yourself on what legal paperwork you have to present beforehand and what you should take together with you to Bali to turn your marriage legal. If you’d like your marriage to be authorized in Bali, you should present a tally of certificates on entrance and before your wedding.

While most venues are quite fllexible in customizing the package to fit your needs you have to be quite specific to avoid disappointment.

It might be a better alternative to hire a wedding planner, particularly if you are arranging a villa wedding. On the top of their planning charge, your personal wedding planner will help you in planning every tiny detail from the start of the day right to the end of the day. Your wedding planer knows all the local suppliers and will alleviate plenty of stress involved in planning a wedding from a whole country away. There are several Australian wedding planners in Bali, which alleviates plenty of the strain of language barriers.

Bali, while being hot all year raund, doesn’t have a huge variety of blossoms to select from for your flower arrangements, so be sure to get on this as soon as you’ve booked your wedding date to ensure that you wind up with something you love.

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